Our Local Suppliers

It’ll Be Pizza

it'll be pizza

It’ll Be Pizza is a local iconic dough manufacturer from Scarborough Maine.  From the day Kamasouptra opened its doors, we have bought all our raw wholewheat dough from master dough makers Nat Getchell and Steve Freeze.   We then double-proof and hand-form every single bread roll daily at each of our locations.



Sumner Valley Farm


Chef Drew met lifetime farmer Dan Perron at the weekly market in Portland Maine years ago.  After learning about his 22 acre farm in Sumner, Maine, Drew decided to try out some of his naturally raised chickens for our weekly specials.  The quality of his product, and his passion for farming ensured that this was going to be a long term relationship between our companies.  5 years later, and Kamasouptra is still buying all our chickens exclusively from Dan!


Middle Intervale Farm


Middle Intervale Farm was first settled in the 1790’s by the Carter family. In it’s 7th generation, it is currently owned by John Carter. John is a dairy farmer with a herd of approximately 270 Holsteins and additional 20 Black Angus cattle, which he raises naturally, and without antibiotics.  Kamasouptra purchases all our beef exclusively from Farmer John.



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